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    Default First god started..

    First god started by making the planets and stars and shit.

    Then he became bored, and made some animals, to give him some sexual pleasure.

    Then he became bored of having sex with such lesser beings and thus created Adam.

    Adam gave him much more pleasure than the simple animals, it also lasted longer.

    But alas, god became bored, and decided to make a better design, that would give him twice the pleasure.

    Thus, he made Eve, and she gave him even more pleasure than Adam, and for much longer.

    However with all that sexual pleasure, god was becoming tired of sex.

    So he became sadistic.

    He emptied the Garden of Eden, put Adam and Eve on a mountain, made sure they multiplied a lot and then enjoyed as they killed eachother.

    At times, it was so good that he had to join, and the flood is an example of that.

    But then, god decided that he wanted somebody to kill loads and loads of people in his name, so he sent Jewsex down on Earth to create a new religion that would create even MOAR VIOLENCE!

    And since then, god has been a very happy god.

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