View Poll Results: What was ur favoirte RTS ever?

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  • Starcraft

    20 31.25%
  • Warcraft

    7 10.94%
  • Command and Conquere: Tibererium Sun

    0 0%
  • Command and Conquere: Tiberium Wars

    1 1.56%
  • Red Alert 2

    4 6.25%
  • Total Anihilation

    1 1.56%
  • Supreme Commander

    4 6.25%
  • Dune 2

    1 1.56%
  • Age of empires

    10 15.63%
  • Company of Heroes

    2 3.13%
  • Total War (any)

    13 20.31%
  • Anno

    0 0%
  • Rise of Nations

    1 1.56%
  • War Lords BattleCry

    0 0%
  • Any Warhammer RTS

    0 0%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Helgeran View Post
    Yeah, listing shit to be done is silly. APM doesn't really tell you how good a game is just how hard it is to learn before the real mind games can start. I'm not really interested if I can hammer my keyboard faster than my opponent, I want to outsmart him. Sadly, you need a very good grasp of the metagame in Starcraft and a decent macro ability before you can even start using your brain. What's your APM in CoH Villuin?
    I don't keep track of my APM. Outside of combat, you're either simply preparing for combat, or you're taking enemy territory and your "APM" is low. During combat you're clicking a bazillion times per 10 seconds to keep your units alive, assuming there's a decent amount of units involved (1v1 combat usually results in a shootout until one squad retreats, 1v1 tank combat results in a battle of who can micro his tank better).
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