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    I detest every single thing about Palin.

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    I would argue so many of the completely incorrect points in that if it hadn't been funny to watch.
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    I actually was a churchgoing Catholic till i was about 15 i still hold many of their morals true except their very conservative attitude towards ... masturbation i tend to disagree with that on a daily basis...
    Would saying I survived Young People Fucking be in bad taste?

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    i loled
    Quote Originally Posted by Sprite
    Your signature has been noted to be extraordinarily violent by several users, I agree. Please change it. =[

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    That first one was so incorrect in so many ways.

    The second one...well...was just stupid.

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    The second one was funny. The first one was stupid.

    There's a huge fucking difference between charity and the redistribution of wealth. Charity is honest and noble, people who voluntarily make a personal sacrifice to improve the lives of others don't deserve to be dragged down to the level of folks who lobby the state to redistribute other people's wealth at gunpoint.

    Nevermind that McCain is a total fucking hypocrite anyway since he supported the bailout.

    "No one shall be idle if I have to work; no one shall be rich if I am poor. Thus we see, again and again, that resentment lies behind all socialist ideas."
    Ludwig von Mises

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