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    Quote Originally Posted by Mordhak View Post
    The woman on the left is the one who got rammed, read the article.

    And I think we can all safely assume that the morale of this story is that if the fat ugly bitch had driven a nice big American SUV instead of a shitty small car she would've had no problem shoving the Punto out of the way.
    I think a decent bike, given it has backwind, could have shoved the punto away.
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    1, then tired, do not forget to smile; be anxious, but also pay attention to tone; no matter how tough, do not forget to adhere to; No matter how tired, but also love yourself.
    But we are jet modified and not faint-hearted of difficulties

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xtra-Medium View Post
    i find this funny as hell, guess im a fucked up person. this is chappelle show funny
    I think i am to, my friend told me how her baby brother was being choked by the Ubilical(Whatver spelling) Cord because it was wrapped around his neck and i bust up laughing

    Im so going to hell
    NorseFire, Coming to a Country Near You
    Quote Originally Posted by GFH_Spike View Post
    I had already honed my e-warrior talents prior to Forumfall, so this homoerotic, misanthropic train wreck of mass parental failure touches my heart instead of shriveling it.
    Quote Originally Posted by dakara View Post
    Obama will be a good president...hes just learning the ropes right now.

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    her head shape is clearly of a psicopata
    Quote Originally Posted by Fro View Post
    This is off topic, if you don't like it get the fuck out.
    Quote Originally Posted by popsaregood230 View Post
    Kill 'em and grill 'em. Cannibalize these fat bitches.
    Quote Originally Posted by Darklily
    When you see a woman, do you lunge for her boobs or her brain? Only zombies go for women for their brains

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