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    Would be funny if it kept getting delayed till 2012. There will be a shortage of tin foil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tarsus View Post
    Would be funny if it kept getting delayed till 2012. There will be a shortage of tin foil.
    I wish I could get one british pound, without taxes, into my account per jackass who really thought this would happen the day after, what is it? the 23rd of december? It'd make me a billionaire.
    I won the sexecutive thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyrendis View Post
    That's part of the problem. The other problem is that Protons have mass. And according to relativity, as things with mass approach the speed of light, that mass approaches infinity, and needs more energy to accelerate, until you need infinite energy.

    Pluss if it worked, you'd get a proton sized ball of infinite mass next to our "has a lower mass" planet.

    And that would be bad, to put it mildly.
    God how I hate infinity, god damn good for nothing symbol of everything and nothing. Fucking infinite expanding fucking universe, and most of all fuck the indestructible fucking energy that should exist in an infinite amount around the universe as it can't be filled up with nothing since then it wouldn't exist.

    Fuck how I hate physics from time to time. I mean it's all great and neat when you know you can calculate gravitational pull and shit and mess around with graphs and you get the whole fucking deal to work. But when it comes to infinity I do fucking hate physics, who was the fucktard that invented the concept of infinity really? If I ever find out I will make it my purpose in life to invent a time machine, figure out how to manipulate black holes to bend time and space, send back said time machine through newly created rift through time and space and then go and kick that fucker in the nuts/other hypersensitive part of reproductive organ repetedly until he or she says they're very fucking sorry.
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    I should kill you all and get it over with now.
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    That sucks. I too was eager to see what was going to be discovered.
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