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    Default Fracture Vs Red Faction

    Two new third person shooters with destruction engines.


    It's East coast vs. West coast in a post global warming era. The west half of the US develops genetic enhancements, the eat half develops cybernetic enhancements. The US declares all persons more than 10 percent genetically enhanced are no longer human and have no rights. West coast rebels and east coast attacks. You play as a hick from Mississippi, join the army and fight for the east side.

    Pros: Terrain Deformation, Unique weapons, Unique tactics. FRANCE IS UNDERWATER!!

    Cons: LucasArts, Can't play as the other side (so far as we know), wont come out for computer.

    Mutiplayer: Yep 12 player online is confirmed.

    Red Faction: Guerrilla

    It's a classic rebel story with guerrilla warfare taking place on a newly teraformed Mars.
    Earth is running out of raw resources, so the Earth Defense Force onmars puts miners into forced labor camps. The miners decide that sucks and revolt. You play as a miner badass with a giant fucking hammer.

    Pros: Realistic building destruction, Unique Guerrilla aspect, Different set of tactics, Excellent AI, Badass weapons, coming out for computer.

    Cons: Realese date went from 4th quarter '09 to 1rst quarter '09.

    Multiplayer: 16 player online announced.

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    I'm already following Red Faction's progress. My only complaint is that they seemed to have forgotten the moast important part, destructable terrain (NOT ONLY OBJECTS).

    This kinda saddens me quite a bit, if al I wanted to do was to ruin buildings I might aswell play Crysis (ofcourse it's not as good at it but still).

    Never heard of Fracture befor, will be looking into this more closely tomorow, I'm to sleepy now.
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    Both look good i guess, red faction looks the better imo.
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    Red Faction.

    I really liked the original, tunneling from one base to the other in multiplayer never got old.

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    I played Red Faction Guerilla already, was on xbox live a while ago. It was pretty cool.

    There is this backpack there, called rhino or something. When you enable it, you charge ahead a few yards and destroy anything in the path ahead. Very cool visuals and pretty fun to charge into other players.

    Fracture looks good too.

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    Dunno what fracture is but Red Faction was a blast.

    Meh, It sounds like it could be good.
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