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The Promise (Chinese Fantasy).

This reminded me of a movie I've been looking for for a grip, and forgot the name of it. It's an asian fantasy flick based around the aspects of the pure elements being incarnate in 5 people, who end up fighting each other and blah blah blah world is in danger blah blah demon this demon that. Void, who is a mixture of all the elements and most powerful (so powerful reality shreds to pieces around him), is the villain trying to take over the world. Fire, wind, earth, water are the other elements I believe, and they end up going against void. Its been a few years since I saw it, and I remember only bits and pieces of the plot, but it was well made and captivating and I would love to see it again if anyone knows the name.

TL;DR version : Asian fantasy film about 5 elemental aspects with Void incarnate as the villain. Fire loses his arm and gets a new one sewn on by a farmer. Name plz.