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Alright well for one, have the option to turn off the 'symmetry' in the creature creator. I must have a monocle on my penis monster.

As for each section:

Cell Stage:

- Make it last longer. Really, thats it. It was way, way, way, way too short.
- Have an ocean stage afterward. They took that out for some God-awful reason.

Creature Stage:

- More interactive fighting.
- More interactive communication.
- More then just 1 way to make friends.
- More then just 1 way to kill critters.
- The ability to burrow nests or build nests in trees.
- Go from small critters, to epic, then back to small (like basic dinos - dinos - mammals). This would take allot of time but hey, thats what we want...

Tribal Stage:

- I would like to see a diversity in the creatures you make at this point (Different sizes and colours, as well as different abilities, such as some being naturally better hunters then others).
- More depth when it comes to animal domestication; as it is now, its really lame.
- Longer; way to short and simple, just mass axes.
- Harder; this may be just me being a SC player and all, but it was way too easy.
- The ability to spread your bases.
- The ability to get more then just 12 units. I want huge tribe wars.

Civ Stage:

- To be more like a game of civ and less like a game of shit.

Space Stage:

- To have more stuff to do. I got bored of this stage after about 2 hours.
I agree, even though I am only on the creature stage because i played it for a half hour. The game needs to be harder and more complicated. It is too straight forward. There is not much room for tactics, and the one on one fighting is lacking. Maybe spore 2 will be better.