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Whether or not he does those things, you need to stop sucking McCain's dick and open your eyes. We can't fight a war on any more fronts and within a year of McCain's administration we'd be in both Iran and/or Pakistan as well as Iraq, leaving America pretty much completely vulnerable to attack and increasing our debt exponentially. You're absolutely idiotic if you think that wouldn't come back around to kick every individual American square in the balls.
Again with the false dichotomy! No one is "sucking McCain's dick," bashing Obama != liking McCain. Forumfall seems to have a hard time grasping this concept. I agree McCain will be a disaster, but Obama will be a bigger one. It's like Gustav versus Katrina. And unlike you or all these other fucks who acknowledge that both are bad, I have the balls to vote for someone else.

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Don't feed the Slypie!