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    Default Epic Spam (that you've gotten)

    This thread is dedicated to those occasions when you happen to get a really, really weird/epic spam message in your inbox or on a forum. (Please, no pr0n or drug spam, kthx.) I got the idea for this when this showed up on another forum that I frequent a little while ago:


    (The WoW power leveling and WoW gold spots are all hyperlinks on this other forum.)

    This same guy posted 7 other things similar to this. It's pretty astounding. If the thread gets some activity I'll post a few more of them.

    So anyhow: post your epic spam! I'm sure you guys have gotten some. (Again, no pr0n or drug ads.)

    Sorry if this violates the TOS somehow...
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    I know the answer to the first spoiler. !!!!!!

    This'll explain everything:
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    I remember getting some pretty significant spam on Christmas Eve........ recently....... I think it was this past one. Was it on these forums? Does anyone remember?
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