So, recently Villa posted a thread about BSG on New Caprica being an allegory for Iraq.
Well, there's an idea of an allegory I find much more interesting, an idea put out by the political right that The Dark Knight is an allegory for the Bush doctrine on the war on terror.

In the most general terms their argument goes thus: there are times when simple questions of Right and Wrong don't apply; that when your very existence is at risk, only a fool or an idealist would limit himself with such questions.

Fleshing out the allegory from the perspective of the political Right:

Batman- is George Bush, Dick Cheney, et al. who understand that the old rules won't suffice. They are the necessary paradigm. For example, Batman wiretaps and monitors the entire populaion of Gotham.

The Joker- is the archetypical terrorist within the dialogue of the Right. He doesn't kill in reaction to what was done to him or what anyone did. He just kills.

Commissioner Gordon- is the police, the military, the FBI, the CIA, the protectors who have their own rules and structure they must perforce follow who work in parallel with the new paradigm.

Lucius Fox- is law and order. Law itself. He provides the tools necessary to fight according to the needs of the new paradigm. He vascillates between cooperation, relunctance, and incredulity until he ultimately has to disavow Batman's methods.

Harvey Dent- is every defeatist, every cut-and-run'er, everyone who started out on the right side of the fight before giving in to despair.

Gotham- is our ideals of right and wrong, rule of law, and noble ideas that can't survive against a new type of enemy.

I've gone beyond the simple arguments/statements of the Right, admittedly, but I think my reckonings are fair extrapolations.

However, does the argument hold water?