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    Quote Originally Posted by Ammon777 View Post
    What do you expect from a predominantly christian country that was founded on christian values?

    Anyway... I listen to Howard Stern every day on Sirius Internet Radio while I play MMORPGs. I love the guy's show, he is cool.

    As for the conservative christian fucker, I never heard of him before until now. He probably talks about "jeshus" and all that stupid fictional nonsense.


    Way to be retarded, America. Again.
    Dobson's Focus on the Family radio program is the first religious program to receive the honor
    That is the first sentence in the second paragraph.

    I know it's hard not to go into super-euroliberal mode and flame the beliefs of billions when the word "christian" pops up on your spittle-ridden screen, but you could at least read the article before replying.
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    Who still listens to Howard Stern?

    Just play some tapes from the early 90s, it is the same shit.

    Rinse and repeat!

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