Which do you think was the better of the 2 games?
I loved UT3, but I cannot replace UT2K4. It was much better. UT2K4 brought a new face to multiplayer. Maps were completely customizable. You would have had to see them to be amazed. Mario remix, Jailbreak, a shitload of funny maps that were at the same time intense, and my personal favorite, Scorpion Race Track.

In UT3 were basically stuck with the official maps. They removed Assault mode, and morphed it and onslaught into Warfare. It's a fun mode, but nowhere near as fun as Assault was. In Assault we had objectives. Not the silly "capture node by doing this and attack the core."

UT3 was fun for a while, but I'm leaning back to playing UT2K4 again. What do you guys think?