View Poll Results: What would you do for a million dollars?

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  • Suck another mans penis

    59 40.14%
  • Eat shit

    48 32.65%
  • Eat Cowbrain (provided there are no diseases)

    116 78.91%
  • Cut off your ear lobe

    43 29.25%
  • Go Skydiving without a parachute, but with someone who has one.

    82 55.78%
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    Depends what the guy looked like of whom I was sucking the dick.. Would have to be a girly looking guy, probabley all nice and shaved, a transexual, yes, or as the pr0n industry calls it, a shemale, one of those ones from Brazil..

    Yes, that is a dude.. For a million dollars, I would suck his dick... But if it was someone who was a fucking bear, front and back, stinky, old guy with a beard and hard hat, no thanks.. I won't kiss or make out though, cause that would really make you gay, you just take that dick and gobble it, might make you bi, but not gay(unless you kiss and make out.)

    The question is now though, for a million dollars, would you take it in the ass??
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