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    Default Video card issues

    I currently use an x1950 pro and with the summer coming Im starting to have problems with overheating again. Unless you use 3rd party drivers there is currently no fan control with the x1950 pro and I'm regularly experiencing crashes from overheating when playing Eve (with the upgraded graphics it's pretty hard on the card at times. I have a 256mb version of the card and am pretty tired of this overall..

    Thinking of switching over to something else....possibly an 8800 GTS? I don't know. Any advice you guys have for me? The card is running on average around 72-73 degrees celcius...which is a bit scary for just sitting idle in windows.
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    Dont buy anything untill the new ATI launch. There should even be some new agp options from the industry.

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    Wait for the new GPU which are currently coming (4850 is said to eat 8800 GTX but cost 50€ less).
    Did you try this to control your fan speed ? Is your case ventilated enough ?

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