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    Default Patch Notes July 24th


    As promised, with today's maintenance we are applying a new patch.

    This patch contains the following:

    Action HUD Part 1

    • Added a HUD edit mode (Available from the main menu)
    • New crosshair component
    • New healthbar component
    • New target information component
    • New progress bar component (Casting/Interacting and Breathing)
    • New target modifier(s) component
    • New Use Prompt component
    • New Revive bar component

    General Changes

    • Listener is now attached to player’s camera instead of his head.
    • Added numerical input for mouse sensitivity.
    • You will now only be able to delete items from your inventory/bank/clanbank. (Deleting items from a grave is not allowed)
    • A character will now have to be less than 2m away from the attach position of a cannon in order to use it.
    • Lye, Quicklime, Linseed,Coal and Rawhide will now give prowess when harvested

    General Fixes

    • Added prowess for crafting saddle
    • Adjusted Dragonbreath SFX to reach its actual range
    • Added swing sounds on mounted single-hand attacks
    • Fixes to the Levy Collector Effects

    World Fixes

    • New Waterfall Shaders
    • General Prop & Terrain Fixes in the following Areas:

    - Jarngrim
    - Sallesh

    New item in shop

    • Clan Name Change
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