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    Default Action Mode HUD & Edit Mode

    We always felt that the GUI we had so far was lacking in terms of customization and functionality.

    We started changing things with the revisions we did to windows like Chat, Feats and Roles, and as it was expected, the time had come to give some attention to what we call internally the "Front of Darkfall", aka the Action Mode HUD (Heads-Up Display).

    Many GUI Elements are included in the HUD, so we needed to break it into parts; of course, the first one is dedicated to the Cross-hair and related Elements.

    More specifically, we separated it into 4 categories:

    • Cross-hair
    • Target Information
    • Bars
    • Use-Prompt

    Most of the elements include 3 Preset Sizes and an Opacity Slider and they can be moved wherever you want on the screen (with the exception of the cross-hair, which is nailed down in the middle of the screen).

    10 Different Icons exist for the Cross-hair, from a dot, to various FPS classics.

    A new mechanic is in place that changes the color state of the Cross-hair according to the affiliation you have with the target; with this, when you target players who are in your friend list, clan or party, the cross-hair turns to green and to red when you target people on you block list or an enemy clan .
    Of course this doesn't assure you that your target, even if your cross-hair shows in green, will not attack you.

    Also, a Hit Indicator has been added to give a visual feedback of your successful hits.

    The above mechanics are optional, as well as 2 other options for the Cross-hair that changes the appearance behavior (if it will be shown when the weapon is sheathed or not, and if it is shown only when there is a valid target).

    Target Information
    Target Information includes the Information Labels as it did before, with the addition of Clan Political Indicators as well a Social Indicator for the players that are in your friend list, block list or in a Mentor/Apprentice state.

    Clan Rank Icon has been removed and a the Prowess Indicator can be displayed, to show the Max Prowess of your Target.

    The Target Health Bar is horizontal and detached from the rest of the Target Information Elements, it also has its own separate Opacity and Size Options.

    The last element in the Target Information is the Target Modifiers (Buffs/Debuffs), which you can switch off if you want.

    The Bars Category includes the Progress Bar (the bar that appears when you perform any action with a casting time) and the Breathing Bar.

    Also a new Revive Bar is under this category, which displays when you are knocked-down and waiting for help.

    For all bars, options exist that allow you to turn on/off numerical values for the time they need to fill up or down; the target Health Bar also has one to show the percentage of the your Target's Health.

    The last category is a new element that aims mostly to help new Players, the Use-Prompt.
    The Use-Prompt shows which items in the world are interactive and what key you need to hit in order to use them.

    For example, it will show the default "F" key when you are targeting a chest, but it will also show that you need a Woodaxe in order to initiate harvesting on a Tree. Of course the key indication reads your Keybindings, and an option exist that you can hide the keys and only show the related icon for each action.

    Edit Mode
    Since all the above elements are Action Elements and hidden in the GUI Mode, a new "Edit Mode" was created.

    When you access the Edit Mode from the main menu, the Action Mode Elements are shown, with an overlay on top. All the Elements of the Edit Mode become visible, with a rectangle drawn around them to show the area that they Occupy.

    Here, you can move all the elements around and access the options of each one from the HUD Options Window.

    By default, all changes that you do in the Edit Mode are applied to all the Resolutions, but this can be deactivated, and save changes only for your current resolution. This way, you can have one HUD Setup for your PVP Resolution and another for your Harvesting/Crafting, without having to customize it every-time you change between them.

    For now, only the above Elements and the Combat Indicator will be customizable through the Edit Mode, the Action Bars and Vital Stats (among others) will be added in the future.

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