Fellow Agonians,

First of all, as a recap on what will happen in the next few days:

Our next patch, the "Economy" patch as we call it internally, will be implemented next week as planned.

Right after that, as you will have guessed already, comes the Custom Roles System, which will be applied during the first week of June (TBC).

This new system will lead to a free prowess points respec for everyone.

In that light, we have an offer for you:

Those who have an active account on May 31st will get a bonus of 2000 prowess points on top of their own, to freely distribute as they want. So, start planning your characters, there's not much time left.

As for this weekend, we have organized a "Double Dye Drop Rate" weekend so that you may experiment with the available dyes in the game. At the same time, be ready for more GM activities on the spot.