Anniversary Weekend Announcement

Before our patch notes, we would like to make an announcement for the next weekend.

We have organized an extended anniversary party weekend between May 1st and May 5th. During these days everyone is invited to play Darkfall Unholy Wars for free – whether you are a returning player who wants to experience our new features or someone who has never tried it before. New players will benefit from the mentor system, learning all about Darkfall Unholy Wars with the help of the veterans. And our veterans will be able to spot raw talent to recruit to their clans.

To get you started we will gift you with Double Prowess points during the whole event. Moreover, we have arranged a series of dynamic happenings that will start with a Treasure Hunt event and will continue at a later date with GM controlled monsters on the spot.

New Content

Armor Dye System

30 pigments have been added to various monsters around Agon. These are required to craft the 30 armor dyes through Alchemy. Rarer pigments are dropped from higher tier monsters. You can read more details here.

Mentor System

A new feature to help improve the new player experience is introduced with this patch. The mentor system, starting today, will become available to experienced players who wish to apply to become a mentor. If your prowess is over 80 thousand you can activate an option in your Social window that will tag you as available mentor.

In the next few days and depending on the overall activity, the mentor system will open up for players who have less than 40000 prowess and want to become apprentices.Mentors are rewarded a percentage of the prowess gained by the apprentice, unaffected by diminishing returns.

Different activities reward a different percentage of prowess with PVE and conquest related activities rewarding the highest percentages, and harvesting and crafting the least. More details can be found here.

New Map features

Auto explore (Fog of war)

Another feature aimed at improving new player experience by altering the way fog of war is removed. The terrain in and around the starting areas can be revealed in chunks, making it easier for all players to explore these areas and discover new landmarks and monster spawn points.

Map search

New functionality for our in game map that allows players to search for various points of interest like clan holdings, vendors, banks and monster spawns. Click on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom left of the map window and enter a monster name or rank, holding name and so on to receive a list of suitable results. Displayed results will be highlighted on the map with a special icon and clicking on a result centers the map on it. Only points that have already been revealed or are visible above the fog of war are displayed.

General Changes

  • Decreased Imperator Jabaoth’s health regeneration by 37%
  • Skinning Loot tables have been redesigned for all monsters
  • New Feat Tracker
  • New “Feat Completed” notification UI
  • New chat messages when you complete or unlock a feat, under the “System->Character->feats” channel. Clicking on the feat name will open the feat window and show this specific feat.
  • Reduced the minimum height of the territory window, so it can be made smaller (in height).
  • Added "territory opacity" slider to the territory window's options pop-out window, to allow players to change the opacity of the filled territories on the map overlay.
  • Territorial bonuses that are active for the player are now displayed as a “buff” icon, with a breakdown of the specific bonuses/magnitudes in the tooltip.
  • Tooltips have been added to the map to show the bonuses that specific territory types provide, and the total bonuses that the current owner clan (if there is one) is receiving.
  • Items tooltips will now display the name of the item when viewed from the paperdoll or chat windows
  • Party feats from monster kills will now require party members to be in the vicinity of those monsters, similar to the round robin system.
  • Various Tweaks to Run and Sprint animations
  • Various Improvements on Lighting and Fog Shaders

General Fixes

  • Player graves should no longer spawn inside structures.
  • Networking optimizations.
  • Performance optimizations related to vegetation.
  • Fixed an issue with territorial bonuses not being removed when a player spawns/teleports from a bonus-active area to "no man's land"
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases losing a connected holding would deprive the whole region of the territorial bonuses
  • “Completed” feats are no longer included in the “In progress” tag results
  • Feats that can be completed by a certain number out of a collection of goals, will now display the correct total prowess reward, instead of the Sum of all the individual goals.
  • Fixed a bug where the font in the chat input area would change to square symbols after dragging an item in it and deleting it.
  • Fixed some weather effects inconsistencies.
  • Various Fixes to Parry Animations (related to orientation of the character)