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    Default The Mentor System

    Mentoring is a new feature that will be introduced with our upcoming patch next week. Its purpose is to let new players benefit from the experience of our more knowledgeable ones, provide a tool for social interaction as well as provide incentives for veterans to share their knowledge.

    New players completing the Vale of the Custodian tutorial area are presented with a prompt that informs them that they can apply for a mentor. If the prompt is initially ignored, it can be accessed at any time through the social window. Players that apply for one are paired automatically with an available mentor, with both players being notified of the assignment. From then on, it is up to them to discuss and arrange the specifics of the mentorship as they see fit.

    The core of the system is the flow of prowess from apprentice to mentor, giving incentive to the later to train and assist the former as best as he can so that both can progress and improve in the game. Standard prowess rewarded actions as well as feats award a percentage of prowess gained by the apprentice as a reward to the mentor. Both sides can also cancel the mentorship at any point for whatever reason, but cancelations are limited to one per 24 hours per player, be it mentor or apprentice.

    A mentorship is considered successful when the apprentice reaches 40000 prowess, at which point the bond is dissolved and the apprentice is asked to rate the mentor. The rating system serves as a tool for mentors to keep track of the satisfaction rate of their apprentices, but also it blocks mentors that have a very low total score from getting new apprentices.

    Any player above 80000 prowess can declare an interest in becoming a mentor simply by accessing the mentoring tab in the social window and enabling the relevant option. From then on and while the option is enabled, new apprentices will be assigned to the player up to a limit of 6. Disabling the option will block new apprentices from being assigned to the player, but will not affect current ones, unless they are canceled manually.

    Initially the system will be enabled only for players above 80000 prowess to declare their interest in becoming a mentor as explained above. In a few days and based on how many mentors are available, the system will open for new players to apply for mentorships as well.
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    Default Updated apprentice and mentor values

    Apprenticeship will complete when a player reaches 40000 prowess and players can start mentoring as long as they have 80000 prowess.

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