In our upcoming patch, and in compliance with our strategy, we are introducing armor dyes to the game.

Initially, we are adding around 30 different colors that can be used to dye your armor to suit your style and taste. Each armor piece is dyed separately and there is a primary and secondary color slot, each one affecting different areas of the piece. The result is a great number of possible combinations that will become even greater as we plan to add more colors as time goes by.

Players can double click on a dye to access the primary / secondary color interface in order to set up their “brush”. With those two colors set up, they can then proceed to paint armor pieces one at a time or by applying the paint to a container so that all pieces contained are dyed. The primary and secondary color do not both have to be assigned a dye giving more options for adjusting already painted armors. For example, a helmet that has been painted with blue color as primary and yellow as secondary, can be repainted with the primary slot empty, to retain the blue color, and with the secondary slot as white, to replace the yellow. Additionally, a dye removal item is being introduced that can be applied in either or both slots to revert the armor to its default color.

Dyes are an item that is crafted through the alchemy profession with rarer dyes requiring a higher Alchemy profession level. A new unique material is required for each dye along with existing ones. Each of the new unique materials is monster dropped only and rarer dyes drop from higher rank monsters than more common ones.