Hello all, today we would like to talk about our upcoming patch and share some information as well as our thoughts on the features it will bring to the game. Our current ETA for the patch is the week of April 7th and we will update you with more information when it is available.

With this patch we are taking a decisive step towards more meaningful territory ownership with all the exciting possibilities this opens up for the game. We would like you to keep in mind that these are big systems and the current setups and specifics are in no way solidified. Your feedback will play a major part in helping us fine tune these features and make them shine in all their glory.

So without further ado, here is what we have in store for you for next week’s patch.

Areas of Influence

You have caught glimpses of it in our Facebook posts and our developers have shared some details about how it works. Essentially, this is the basis of the whole territory control system. All control points that can be captured (holdings, villages and sea fortresses) have an area attached to them and the clan that owns the control point is considered the owner of the area of influence around it as well. On its own, this system offers a visual element to the map so that anyone can have an overview of what and how many territories are owned by which clans. Its true potential lies in the features that are tied to it.

Area Bonuses

Each area offers a set of buffs to clan members and allies, of the owning clan, that operate with the area of influence. These buffs have to do with prowess generation rates, rare item drop chances from harvesting and monster killing as well as gold generation. These buffs stack for connected areas so expanding your territory by conquering neighboring ones will yield the best results.

Levy Collector

A form of taxation of generated resources in a clan’s area of influence is another feature that next week’s patch is bringing. Resources generated in an area will also fill up the levy collector of that area. While a taxation mechanic conceptually, no resources are actually deprived from the harvester or monster killer. Instead, there is a chance for extra resources to be generated and placed in the levy collector inventory. Normal harvesting and monster killing as well as village requisitioning are actions that generate these extra resources at this point. While filling up, the collector cannot be interacted with by anyone. It’s important to note here that while the Levy collector building is close to a clan holding (cities and hamlets), it does not technically belong to it. Because of this it cannot be damaged and it does not need to be built like other clan buildings. Once it is full with resources, the structure becomes available for requisitioning. The requisitioning mechanic is exactly the same as the one that is used for villages. The same rules apply and you will still need a requisitioning gauntlet as well as globules of greed. The fill progress of all levy collectors is displayed on the map for all to see but since it is player activity based, there is no timer.

Feat window and feats

We have also shared images of the new feat window. Redesigning this element is part of an ongoing process of improving our GUI elements with availability of information and intuitiveness in mind. Additionally we are introducing a first round of PvE repeatable feats to serve as daily and weekly goals for players of all experience levels.

Additionally, this patch features some loot adjustments for some of our top tier monsters, new masks and various bug fixes and tweaks. We will be sharing the patch notes with you on patch day so stand by for all the specifics.