Today we are offering you a further glimpse into the plan we have for the feats system:

Initially, we are adding a number of repeatable PvE feats to the game. The reasoning behind this decision is to promote activity in various locations around the world and also to avoid enhancing the amounts of prowess from harvesting and especially crafting. Still, this is only the initial implementation of such feats that will allow us to assess their usefulness. Changes and additions will definitely come depending on our findings and community feedback.

More specifically, there are several personal PvE daily feats that require specific monsters to be killed in order to be completed. Emphasis has been given on dungeon monsters as well as ones found in the four subcontinents. Weekly personal feats require certain numbers of monsters belonging to a certain difficulty rank to be killed. Similarly, the daily party feats revolve around specific dungeon and world bosses, with weekly varieties focusing on the higher monster ranks.

Reward wise, these feats will, for one, be providing the standard prowess reward. Additionally, we have the option of handing out material rewards as well and we would like to take advantage of this fact and provide some localized rewards in raw resources and similar items.

All repeatable feats reset at specific server times and days. Currently they are resetting at 04:00 server time with the weekly variant reseting on Mondays at the same time.