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    Default December Update Highlights

    The following are some of the things to look forward to, added in three patches happening within December.

    New chat system:
    We have already presented and shown screenshots of it. It's undergoing final testing and is expected to be added next week, barring any persistent issues.

    Hot bars and skill options:
    Hot bars that show skill placement as well as cool downs will be added this month. These will be visible in action mode making it easier for players to see which skill is assigned to which slot as well as track the cool downs. Additionally 3 new options per slot will be made available. One allows players to decide if they want the default skill for each weapon to be cast when the selected skill is on cool down or not. The second presents the option of reverting to the default skill for each weapon when the selected skill has been executed. The third option flags skills on the slot to be cast by pressing the relevant hot key only without having to press the associated mouse button afterwards. New icons for all schools skills have also been created and will be introduced with the hot bars.

    The projectile cannons located on top of towers in clan cities as well as a deployable cannon are being finalized and will be added to the game in the next couple of weeks. Cannons require black powder to be operated and in the case of the deployable ones, players will need to craft them. More cannon options and more siege machines will follow.

    Prowess Monoliths:
    Another feature in the final stages of development is the prowess monolith. These monoliths become active at set intervals and players that enter the structure will gain prowess for the duration of their visit. The more players on the structure, the more the prowess is divided up, so securing the location for you and your friends is important.

    New Epic Dungeon:
    Sinspire Cathedral is a new epic dungeon that has its' entrance located in the Banegorge area of Agon. Sinspire is an epic dungeon in size, difficulty as well as denizens. Players will navigate through a huge environment inspired from Gothic style cathedrals, with the ultimate goal of reaching the dungeon Boss. A new dynamic door system requires players to perform certain kills to proceed or even escape. On the way to the dungeon boss players will encounter the Erodach, the dungeon's mini boss. The Erodach is a high rank caster monster that uses special attacks and custom AI to challenge the players.

    At the dungeon's finale, players will need to defeat Sir Davos the Damned to claim their reward and escape the Cathedral. Sir Davos is a monster of the highest difficulty that uses many new and devastating custom skills. Players will need to pay attention to their surroundings and employ new strategies as well as impeccable coordination to succeed.


    Chaos School: The third Primalist school is also in its' final stages of development, but may not make it in by the end of the month due to the time it will take to complete the effects for the feature.

    Finally, as you know, we have also been working closely with players on the MVP forum to improve the economy as well as desirability of villages and clan holdings and we should start seeing results on these in the game very soon. A new wave of invites to the MVP forum is going out today.

    Expect the first patch to happen early next week.

    Thank you for reading.
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