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    Default Upcoming Combat Gameplay Update

    For the past couple of months we have been focusing on combat gameplay issues and balancing combat gameplay in Darkfall Unholy Wars.

    With your help, we have identified issues with sustainability and limited survivability of some roles as well as the extreme flexibility of others. Some balance issues are made apparent by player preference, for example the strong preference to the Warrior role is a clear indication that something is off. Others are made obvious through experiencing them, for example the very short duration of Skirmisher and Elementalist battles.

    Making changes to combat gameplay is definitely not simple. Our process includes taking the feedback, identifying the core issues, looking at our own data and our own gameplay observations, creating scenarios, running tests, crunching the numbers, testing everything, verifying everything fits together and repeating. Everything needs to be implemented at the same time and to be thoroughly tested making sure that reasonable balance is maintained. The result are many changes across the board, the goal is to make combat more fun, exciting and challenging, while achieving a healthy balance between all roles.

    There is an upcoming patch which will apply all these changes. Since we are still running tests and making adjustments and last minute additions, we will post specific details sometime next week when these tests are concluded. Until then I’ll share with you our main focus areas:

    Balancing at the high skill tier while addressing Time-To-Kill (TTK).

    A couple of glaring issues here, among others to be discussed next week, are the Warrior role while meant to be an “easy” entry-level choice for players has also become the role of choice for a large percentage of DFUW players at high-skill tiers, especially in group situations. Also, Skirmishers and Elementalists taking too much damage from ranged attacks resulting in much shorter TTK compared to Warriors.

    Sustainability and transfers
    The proper timing for changes to transfers is during overall balancing changes, since changes to transfers will affect roles differently. In short, net gains from transfers are increased while cooldown is decreased.

    Skill Changes
    There are many skill adjustments to every role in order to support the combat mechanic and balancing changes. We will present the full list next week.

    There are also some improvements to supporting combat mechanics.

    We greatly appreciate the player feedback and suggestions to date. We will be improving our current feedback mechanism and player developer interaction in the weeks to come, so that the many players who consistently offer good feedback will be able to do so at a higher level.

    Thank you for reading.
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