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    Default Patch Notes - July 18th

    New Content

    • New Dungeon - Svartvann Screen 1, Screen 2
    • Added Darkbrood family
    • New feats for the Darkbrood family
    • Added Darkbrood spawnpoints in the following areas
      • Aldan Enak
      • Grivendale
      • Svartvann

    Two new ships:

    • Schooner: Moderate speed warship with 6 cannons placed in the aft and fore for intercepting purposes.Can be crafted with Shipbuilding Mastery, only in Shipyards. Requires: Compass, Ship Modules and Veilron Ship Modules. (Shipbuilding Mastery 25)

    • Brigantine: Moderate speed and maneuverability warship with 8 cannons. Can be crafted with Shipbuilding Mastery only in Shipyards. Requires: Compass, Ship Modules and Veilron Ship Modules. (Shipbuilding Mastery 25)

    • New item: Veilron Ship Module
      • Crafted with Shipbuilding Mastery 25
      • Is used to craft Schooner and Brigantine

    Skill Changes

    • To increase group stats during fights we buffed the following Primalist spells:

    • 20% less mana per health in Spirit Bond
    • 32% faster casting for Consecrate
    • 20% less mana cost for Consecrate
    • 20% faster cooldown for Exalted Sacrifice
    • 50% more duration for Primal Surge

    • Added “Disabling Bolt” in common skills
      • This is a fast travelling missile, with no AOE, causing minor damage, that will disable any opponent that is blocking or parrying.

    *Note that we are working on combining all 3 disabling skills in the same radial wheel slot.

    To introduce more skill in the parrying mechanic the following changes were made

    • 6 times less Stamina Drain when a melee swing is parried
    • Added a tiny "dazed" effect when getting blocked by a shield, while using a melee attack.
      • A character will not be able to use default melee attacks for a very short amount of time when “dazed”

    Miscellaneous Changes

    • Reduced cooldown for potions to 50 seconds (down from 60 seconds)
    • Added new sounds for parrying with shield, bow and staff.
    • Added new sounds for footsteps on ice.
    • You can no longer trade with someone that is driving a ship
    • Repair skill will now repair 50-75 health points depending on skill level (Previously repairing 75 health points regardless of skill level)
    • You can no longer cast any Common Skill when driving a ship

    General Fixes

    • Fixed a bug where executing a market search while having an invalid character in the search filter would result in a "Market Unknown Error" message notification
    • Fixed a bug where changing resolution (or pressing Alt+Tab from Fullscreen) would make the danger area colors disappear from the map
    • Fixed a bug where the Market button was showing up as enabled (and not functioning) at the start of the training area. It will now be enabled with all the rest of the gui buttons after completing the required steps
    • Fixed a bug where the players capturing the village control-point were not being correctly restored after a server restart, causing them to no longer receive their gold share (all gold would go directly to the clan)
    • Fixed a bug where the “Danger Area I” tooltip would show the tooltip for the “Protected Area”.
    • Fixed an issue with the targeting component's health progress bar becoming “stuck” on-screen, even though no item was currently targeted
    • Fixed a bug where when you canceled a trade you would get an incorrect message saying "You can not use the market while having a trading session open or a pending trading request".
    • Fixed a bug where when pessing 'F' while in an active trade session, it would exit the trade interface but would not terminate the trading session.
    • Fixed a bug where double clicking items from a flotsam would not move the items to the player's backpack
    • Fixed a bug where leaving a group either by exiting the game or crashing would not remove your party interface for the other party members
    • Fixed a bug where party interface was overlapping the market window
    • Fixed a bug where mount movement was blocked after using a mounted alternative attack having 4 combo points (using melee attacks) pre-loaded.
    • Fixed a bug where first person view had a longer range than third person and shoulder view, in actions like skinning/ganking/reviving
    • Fixed a bug where blocking a player would only work for the current session and was not considered blocked after relog even though he was in the block list
    • Fixed a bug with the spirit bond notification message. The caster, after a successful spirit bond cast, was getting the same message with the target player
    • Fixed a bug where trade sessions were getting cancelled on moving platforms (such as ships,elevators, etc)
    • Optimized the market interface so that the market items are displayed much faster than previously.

    Market Changes

    Filter value will now be cleared when closing the market interface
    Various improvements to the market interface
    New items added in market catalog

    HUD changes

    There are some changes/additions on information that was showing up on the targeting HUD:

    • When targeting mounts (also showing “loyalty” countdown inside protected areas)
    • When targeting the deployable camp-fire (showing the player that placed it, along with an expiration countdown)
    • When targeting player houses
    • When targeting “No Armed Bandit” machines (showing the minimum ante and the current global jackpot amount)
    • When targeting strongboxes
    • When targeting ships (Showing the captain and also showing “locked” countdown inside protected areas)

    World Fixes
    • Remade the Grungroc Spawn in Anyth
    • Fixed a terrain hole between Anyth and Urranyr
    • Fixed a terrain/water hole between Aziram and the east sea tile
    • Fixed an area where players on mounts could get stuck underwater in Whiteclaw
    • Fixed a terrain exploit that allowed players to bypass the east walls of Lost Untilik (Player City)
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