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    Default Update, May 15th Scheduled Content Updates

    Today we’ll give you a look into some of our scheduled updates for the next couple of months. This is something we've never done before, but it is the way we want things for Darkfall Unholy Wars, involving the community, our players, in our future plans.

    These are just some of the things we have planned that we’re reasonably sure will be added to the game according to the schedule. There is also a “Community Issues” component in our content updates and patches that will be addressing player concerns, and issues, as well as player suggestions. You can see an example of the kind of content this includes in the first update on the 3rd week of May.

    I will stress again that this list is not exhaustive. We will be adding a lot more to every update and we’ll include more updates and patches than the ones listed in this post. We're giving you an idea so that we can maintain a discussion on things to come based on insight and scheduled updates.

    May Week 3:

    The third week of May we’re adding our first major Dungeon and addressing several community issues we had prioritized. This update among other things will include:

    • New Troll monsters
    • New Zombie monsters
    • New Troll Lord monster
    • New Cave Troll Monsters
    • New Dungeon: Iriendir

    Community Issues:

    • Party Kill Round Robin: We’re implementing a party distribution system that operates in a round robin fashion.
    • Holding Protection Shards: We’re implementing a protection shard mechanic that operates through the clan GUI and uses Dominion Points.
    • Territory Control map painting: We’ve been investigating the possibility of painting territories on the map. This is more a visual enhancement rather than an actual gameplay effect
    • Clan holding improved crafting: The purpose is implementing crafting operations in clan holdings that are more efficient, cost less gold, and have a higher success rate. This is one of the steps we're taking to increase clan holding worth.
    • New Unique Resources: We will have several (at least 10) completely new unique resources that will be used as special rewards.
    • Smaller Strong Boxes: Their current size allows players to block passages with them and this was obviously not their intended use.
    • Reduced Building Costs: Clan holding building costs are to be reduced, as well as clan holding building hit points, and increased dominion gained when destroying clan holding buildings.

    May, week 4:

    This is the week where the 3d Elementalist School is completed and added to the game. Also some more of the scheduled additions include:

    • New Malaut Monsters
    • Monster boss for Broadherne, called “Below Whisperer”
    • Monster boss for Broadherne called “Below Nightmare”

    June, week 1:

    This week we will address prioritized community issues, suggestions, and concerns.
    This is also the week which kicks off the Naval Era for Darkfall Unholy Wars and we will be adding a new Warship to the game.

    June, week 2:

    We will be adding another Warship to the game
    New monsters: a mix of Trolls and Spiders

    June, week 3:

    • This week we’re adding the Markets to the game after a lot of work that was needed to complete them.
    • We will also add the 3rd Warrior School.
    • We’re adding a new major dungeon, Marthnyr
    • Another major dungeon, Hardruk.
    • We will be addressing a list of prioritized community issues
    • We will add another Warship to the game.
    • New monsters: 2 Cave Hags
    • New Boss monster: Cave Hag Boss

    June, week 4:

    This week we’ll be adding the 3d Skirmisher School
    We’re also adding a fourth Warship.

    July, week 2:

    • This week we’re adding the 3d Primalist School and all roles will now have 3 schools each.
    • We’re also adding another dungeon: Svartvann
    • New Monsters: Icejarl
    • We’ll also be addressing a variety of prioritized community issues.

    July, week 3
    This is the the apex of the naval war era and we’re adding Sea Fortresses
    We’re also adding the new Backpack
    Big Boss, the Ragaizan.

    July, week 4:

    • We’re adding Resource Monoliths to the game with all the implications these have for PvP
    • We’re adding Utility Ships
    • A new dungeon: Dulguna
    • New monsters, Melechars Family
    • The Bloodknight
    • We’re also going to address a variety of prioritized community issues.

    That’s just a brief presentation of some of the things to come, and a taste of how we’re going to proceed with adding content to the game as well as the frequency of the content updates. As I mentioned above, this is far from being a complete list. We will be working well outside the things we’ve included here and we will go into detail in the days and weeks to come, explaining everything and interacting with the community.

    As always, your feedback is important to us.

    Thank you for reading.
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