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    Default Launch Update - DFUW Ordering information

    Here are some instructions for those who want to get the game, the game is available for purchase right now at the Darkfall store.

    Darkfall Unholy Wars is available on April 16th at and will also be available on other distribution platforms in the days and week(s) to come.

    To get Darkfall Unholy Wars follow the steps below:

    1. Go to the DFUW store at
    2. Choose one of the 2 available packages for Darkfall Unholy Wars, one offering a recurring monthly subscription or one that offers 30 days of access that is non-recurring.
    3. Check the email address you provided, and use the validation link in the email you just received to validate your email address.
    4. Select your payment method, which can be a Visa, Mastercard or American Express, or PayPal. If you choose a credit card, you have to add the card details when selecting “New Card”, while if you select PayPal you will be redirected to PayPal after you have accepted our Terms of Service.
    5. Complete the purchase using your payment option of choice.
    6. Congratulations, you have purchased Darkfall Unholy Wars!
    7. Save or write down your unique serial key. This key is only provided once and could be needed in the future by customer support to verify your ownership of the account.
    8. It is now time to download the game, at There are 2 different downloading methods, the Lobby Download will download the game lobby, and the lobby will download the rest of the game. The torrent download would be considerably faster and will download the entire game via a torrent client of your choice (we recommend μTorrent, which can be found at
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