Harbingers of Death and Quality Merchandising

Now recruiting for Darkfall: Unholy Wars, HoDaQM is a clan for those who play in the Oceanic Timezone (GMT +7 to +13). Our core members are Darkfall vets, having played since EU launch or not long after, under various tags including TOG, Bushrangers, DHoV, OTG and Absolution. Whilst we're splintering off to reform as an individual clan, we hope to maintain good political alliances with those clans.

The typical HoDaQM clan member is 21+, a team player, willing to get on and participate in voice comms, and not afraid to get involved in the game. We can be casual but always committed and we have a good mix of playstyles and specializations. We'll be looking to carve a niche in DF:UW, form strong alliances and get involved in the meta game as much as possible, as well as work together to build strong, viable characters.

Above all, we're likeminded gamers who like a bit of a laugh, so if you're looking to join a laid back bunch of people in this timeslot, send a PM here and let us know you're interested.