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    Quote Originally Posted by The Grixxitt View Post
    In other news, I was just offered a job in Baghdad as a military contractor =)
    For the love of everything profitable through human remains. Go. Make your masters proud.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Death's Chill View Post
    I can't believe WE apologized to them. What the fuck...
    nothing even resembling an apology was made

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    Quote Originally Posted by Damedius View Post
    Well they definitely don't seem to mind you calling for the liquidation of all the muslims of the world.
    I'm waiting for link.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bissen View Post
    Come on now Greyfart. Everyone and their mother knows that if it was up to you and the forumfall Nazi quartet, bombs would be raining on the Arab world 24/7.
    In this case it wont be a problem to find quote. Wont it?
    But neither you or your cocksucker Damedius can provide quotes. You just pathetic liars. I have not call for anything like this
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    Quote Originally Posted by Death's Chill View Post
    Religious morons.

    Nothing new.

    Believe whatever you want to, but if you kill people for insulting your beliefs, you should be put down because you're a danger to the rest of sane humanity.

    I can't believe WE apologized to them. What the fuck...
    The list of things Anglo Americans have to apologize for (in this case to the Muslim/Arab world) would take Three consecutive Presidents (5 if they have the comuncation/iq skills of Dubya).....there are much more important things than this one to say sorry for...Iraq and Afghanistan are a few of them...but your contrymen have still no clue of what really happened and even of the fact that your own government admitted the false pretenses so you would all scratch your head if you heard an apology.

    .....make those windows is not harmfull when licked

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    "Let us control the money of a nation, and we care not who makes its laws" Mayer Amschel "Rothschild"

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    Islam has unlocked achievement of being a biggest cunt on the planet Earth.

    Christians have to replenish their ranks with newly genetically-altered warrior priest pedophiles and reclaim their rightful title.

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