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    you cant get darkfall , darkfall can get you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M.Easy View Post
    my phone is better than this
    Nobody cares! You want to pay for a new computer? I don't have a good job okay?

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    Either order the parts on newegg or use one of those custom pc building sites if your going to buy a gaming pc.

    going to best buy or will get you generic components at a premium as well as they LOVE to oversell you on a CPU but then give you a graphics card thats barely considered a gaming card.

    At least when you build it yourself or pay a cutom pc builder site you can opt for higher quality name brand components, get a reasonable CPU and a solid graphics card for the same price.

    Just be careful of the custom pc builders...its a crapshoot on if the computer they mail you will work and its a total pain to RMA a whole rig for repairs or a refund. Shipping tends to make working rigs at the factory become defective upon delivery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dlineman790202 View Post
    Nobody cares! You want to pay for a new computer? I don't have a good job okay?
    I used to run df on a e7300 dual core with 2gigs ram and 9500 1gb geforce. Couldnt play in most sieges at all. But can do 10vs 10 in outdoors battle pretty smooth. And did very well 1 vs 1 pvp.

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    Another option is to buy used from a gamer who upgrades frequently. As long as you're decent at spotting lemons, you can get a rig that'll play very DF well in all but big sieges for maybe $3-400. My old rig ran DF great, and it's worth about $400 on the used market.
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