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    Quote Originally Posted by Niburu View Post
    the controlls are simply not as easy as WoT. you can only really enjoy it with a joystick. i also dislike it
    Exactly what my friends have told me. I have no joystick so haven't bothered even installing it. I am also waiting for WoB, I love naval warfare games. I actually found WoT while playing navyfield.

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    So, test servers are up.

    People are climbing mountains and jumping around. I tried jumping down the hill of Mines twice. With full speed it resulted in massive damage (~50% hp) to my E50 and lit up the engine. The next try was in an AMX 13 90, slowly sliding down the hill caused only minor damage but destroyed my tracks. I'm not sure about the whole thing, but it's definitly going to change the game and mess up tactics we got used to.

    If you end up in a log in queue, just re-try a fews times and you'll get in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyldor Gwyvallt View Post
    Obviously all this in the US...the country where a fanatical worship of science has replaced any true religious sense or any balanced perception of LIFE

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    I'll play this game again for a little bit when that releases.

    Not a big fan of the company behind it though, the game is a very strong case of pay-to-win, especially in tiers 7+, where even playing a match without premium will lose you money, regardless of how well you perform. Not even mentioning 'gold ammo' and consumables.

    Organised team vs team ('Tank Company') battles are fun though, but sadly it's not played much by the WoT playerbase, who all prefer to do random matches over organised play. The game doesn't even recognise the effort involved in organised matches and reward less exp/credits for doing them...
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