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    Default US police Militarizing against the population

    Long story short, cops kill an unarmed man, people protest, and cops dressed up in camo with heavy weapons (and no badges) arbitrarily arrest citizens for daring to leave their homes. They have "checkpoints" setup throughout the city demanding that you prove you are a resident of the neighbourhood to enter.

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    I was following that too. Scary. But from a point of view of someone who believes in government that would be perfectly fine for majority to fight off ghetto.
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    Another fine day in the land of the free.

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    None of this really surprises me. Americans have been arming themselves up with plenty of firearms including assault rifles and military gear. So now the police are arming up with surplus military hardware and equipment probably at reduced cost from the government... testing new tactics for dealing with mobs and riot situations.

    Unfortunately, it is just the way of things to progress. Cops have got to be one step upon the level escalation to control the situation.

    What does shock me. Was seeing the police on the motorcycles armed with assault rifles. Reminds me of a certain other thuggish and oppressive nation that uses motorcycles to control and murder its population.

    edit: Yea, and they keep pulling out the highly visible / vocal leaders of the protest... And wow, what are those two dudes wearing just vests and helmets without any badge or unit insignia... assuming they were plain clothed at first to scout out the event or something?

    I think that analysis at the end is pretty spot on... to deter further protest, police have to present overwhelming response and intimidation tactics to smother dissent.
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