Ok. So. A few days ago I was just doing my thing, on the internet having a fap. No big deal. When I stumbled onto something.. Whilst browsing through some pictures and albums.. I found a full massive album of somebody I know from school. At first I wasn't sure it was her, I just couldn't believe it. But I've been back to it a few times since (to check.. And.. Other reasons). And I'm fucking positive it's her. I even took one of the face shots and pulled it up to a facebook picture of this girl, it's exact. Also exact same skin tone (quite pale), same body shape (thin), same big blue eyes, it's her.

I'm really not sure what to do. She is insanely attractive like at school she was one of the girls that just turned every boy's head, every school has them. And it's been a few years since we were at school, but she is as fit as ever. Insane. I always thought she had some confidence issues as school, and she was always posting links to her drawings and lots of different 'arty' photo's on her FB wall. But I never thought she'd put nudes up on the internet (and so many). Obviously she didn't link them I just stumbled onto them by insane chance. One of the ways I knew it was her actually was because in the same album (of nudes) she has put a few of her drawings up and they're almost a perfect match to ones I've seen before, she's a really good artist.

Here is my problem.. I haven't talked to her/seen her for about a year. We wern't super close (used to wish we were, again. Fit as fuck, and nice and hell). But one of my best freinds was chasing her for years. And we have kinda broke contact to, but we still talk occasinally. We play the odd MMO together or just have a few texts back and forth every so often. And when were both back at our home town we meet up for a pint or two. We aren't as close.. But we still are best friends if you know what I mean?

So.. I don't know if I should tell him about this. The thing is I wouldn't. But she seems to be updating her pictures and albums pretty frequently (last one two days ago) and uploading new photo's. There is even one from a few months ago.. Of her giving a BJ to an ex (not my best freind), or at least I think it's not him. . That's the only "sexual" one though, all the others are just her naked/stripping. From lots of different angles.

So.. Should I tell him? Or leave it? Or what?