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    Quote Originally Posted by xpiher View Post
    why does archage suck?
    what comes to my mind atm is the huge amount of CC's ingame.

    However AA is also on my radar
    Darkfall Unholy Wars
    Playing Darkfall is the most fun I've ever had on a computer with my pants zipped up and both hands on the desk.
    Quote Originally Posted by AStormofShadows View Post
    It is sad to me that people are so melodramatic about Minor issues that will most likely be addressed very soon. Log back in and keep the game alive please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenebrion View Post
    DF 1 was the best PVP game in history.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shamer gamer View Post
    I grow things for my income so I have lots of free time to play DF.
    Quote Originally Posted by bongloads View Post
    This entire community used to defend Darkfall. It was like a forum full of Tibernicus's. Now, 95% of darkfall vets on forums are completely negative. Something tells me the blame doesn't lie with the community.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Battle Smurf View Post
    We arnt closed minded if we have played half a dozen variations of the same tab target carebear no point to avoiding death recycled garbage games.

    More like YOUR an idiot for wasting money on another game u will play for a month TOPS before realizing what I did during the first GW2 Dev press conference years ago....namely that there is no fps combat and no risk vs reward so its a waste of my time.

    Im proud that i havnt wasted money or time on any game in the last 3 years sother than df. path of exile. eve online. and now ps2.

    Im still laughing at the aion/terra/xyson/mortal/diablo 3/ earthrise retards.

    I swear some people never learn.

    Now one game you all SHOULD consider amongst the dozens of trash is dust 514. Personally im unhappy that its ps3 only for now so I might not buy iy until the sony contract is up and it can be on pc where it belongs but if you like console games its going to be literally the best of all time for multiplayer.

    I could just shit on your argument and make you look like the stupid man child you are, but you just said "YOUR an idiot", nullifying any point you were trying to make.

    Edit: This forum is so full of Battle Smurfs. It makes me sad. IF IT ISN'T FULL LOOT PVP OR FPS COMBAT, IT'S FUCKINGGAYWOWCLONEGARBAGETABTARGET! I'd hate be so limited in what I enjoy that I could only play darkfall in it's infinite shit state.
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