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Actually in comparison to Kubalay.

I have in exactly one week:

80.82 STR
89.98 VIT
45.32 DEX
54.37 WISDOM

100 Logging, Fishing, Herb Gathering, Mining Mastery + 100 Alchemy/Woodcutting/Cooking

100 Greatsword Mastery, 73 Polearm Mastery, 67 Knives Mastery, 1 Greataxe Mastery.

Every stat buff + every shield @ 75+ except Cold/Acid/Holy which are 63

All intensifies @ 100 in every school except Spellchanting which is around 70 and every spell at 75+ offensively (Every ray, every bolt, every r50, every r90, every utility spell e.g. Stormblast, Launch, Wall of Force, Tongue Rot, Eye Rot, etc)

And that's from fresh with ZERO bank as well, I've made quite alot of money and gear from PvP / PvE / Villages.
How many hours per day?