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    Quote Originally Posted by Nova88 View Post
    I've watched streams on twitch of all the top players of each game for months now. No major differences at all. People just like to think they are special. "My game is so much more intellectual than your game. You just don't have my superior brain power so you cant comprehend how good my MOBA clone is." Basically its nerd snobbery.

    Its like arguing which WoW clone is better. Its dumb because they are all clones. Subtle differences here and there but overall just a clone of almost the same exact gameplay.
    I have to agree with Iza. From an average person's perspective, LoL, HoN, Dota and Dota 2 all look exactly the same. It'll be like an RTS fan looking at CoD, Battlefield and Medal of Honor. However the deeper you delve into the games, the more differences you'll notice. For instance Dota has a lot more nuances in the game than LoL, although LoL has a few of it's own that aren't present in Dota.

    That said, neither game is unequivocally "better". It's a case of "horses for courses".

    On topic, I love Smite, but it's certainly lacking the strategic depth of other top-down MOBAs. Excepting maybe BLC but that game requires even more twitch skill than Smite does.

    Now I know Smite is a beta but it's looking more like the Tribes: Ascend beta. As in, minor things may get added, bugs will be fixed, and balance will be addressed, but the core gameplay will remain lmost exactly the same. So I wouldn't hold my breath for them to add complexity, which is probably a good thing.

    Again, love Smite, also love BLC and Dota 2. Not hating.
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    You are clearly awesome.
    Quote Originally Posted by StainlessSteelRat View Post
    Being socially progressive does not make you 'advanced'.

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    im level 23. add me. naughty

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    add me, my nick is: liaonpbs

    key to grab: F125F-E8D0B-22484-CA5BD-FE870
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