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    Default Darkfall 1.0 Skill/Stat system

    Anyone have some nice ideas for an overhaul of the current skill/stat system? Currently, we know that 2.0 is adding in the new armor system and the elemental magic restrictions into the game to try and remedy the "PvP Viable" dealio. But new additions? That sounds like something fit for an expansion rather than what is advertised as a "NEW GAME". Now don't get me wrong brodie, I like the things that they are adding, but what if they overhauled?. Even though AV and overhaul sounds risky together, I expect something bigger from a "NEW GAME".

    The current 1 million skills and 5 boring stats is just kind of... lame. They pretty much threw in all these things and told us to go wild, which we did. And now that it has become a jungle similar to that of the Amazon, a violent fire must be deployed to rid of it. Of course, the chance of this happening is 99.9% since it is going to be a "NEW GAME"... right? Anyways, we need something more innovative. Something more fun and intelligent. Something that will make us think twice before choosing or suffer a knife through the neck nahmean? Word is bond, I like the idea of being able to do everything but with the current system, this idea just isn't very good.

    So what do you guys think? Skills with synergies? A skill point pool? Decaying skills? Less skills? More meaningful stats? More uses for stats? If you were to redo the whole Darkfall skill/stat system, what would you do? Of course, try to consider what a newbie will be thinking about when they come into the game to try and get "PvP Viable".

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    Stats advance rapidly.

    Skills advance rapidly.

    Gains fairly close to current, maybe slower crafting.

    Game is paced around guilds, armor/weapons/ships/cities, and resources as end game content.

    Fewer miscellaneous skills would help.

    If you join a guild, you should be able to be "pvp viable" in a weekend, mostly because guilds that control a reasonable amount of territory, VCP's, etc, should easily be able to give new members gear and a place to train.

    Without a guild it should take 4 days to a week.

    Combat should be more about combat roles/equipment/skill and teamwork than about your skill levels.

    Bonuses from stats and skills, especially towards HP/damage should be reduced, such that the cap is the same, but the base amount is higher.

    After that AV would just need to put more effort into creating reasons for conflict. Like more resources on the map to capture, a different player city system that makes it both more beneficial to have cities, and more beneficial for your opponents to destroy them. Things like that.

    Pre-premotion DF1.0 was a classic primarily PvE MMO, with the chance of getting ganked, some FPS elements, and a little PvP on the side. The focus of the game should really be on the PvP if they are going to try and market this shit towards PvPers. Especially given how derpy most of the PvE is.

    Edit: Some kind of class system would probably help, and AV has mentioned they're putting one in. The key thing would be to let players switch their roles fairly easily between fights, but not at all on the fly. Maybe even more like something they might only reasonably do 1-2 times a day.
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    Opposing schools and armor "classes" will do a lot to balance the game for newer casual players. Now fixing skills so there is no surge and at all and reworking the skill values ie:

    They need to just go ahead and give all spells/attacks their own base damage and then when you hit 25/50/75/100 you get +1 damage for a total of +4 damage per attack. The gap between new and vet is there but can be beaten by a decent newer player against a bad vet. Small bonuses is much easier to balance.

    I am against skill caps unless you can have "loadouts" where you can at least retain what you learned just not use everything at once.

    Put all stats the same day 1. This "character growth is far outdated", RPG should come from the character you are playing and the stuff you do in agon, not about how long you sat and could grind on a boring mob.
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