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I agree with (L)BS on this one. It's also ridiculous to think you should be able to max out a character in 2 days. Once AV fixes the skill/stat gain bug, it will be a breeze to max everything out. All the information you need is easily available, you can ask questions in chat. Or just simply enjoy the game and explore around and find what works for you.

I don't understand this mentality so many of you have, that if you can't compete with a vet instantly the game is shit. This game has many other reasons to be shit, but the skill and stat gains are good right now.

Even if you were handed a maxed character you would still have to learn the game, and won't be killing vets right away. Takes time to learn the game, and that's part of the fun unless you're a miserable person. Some of the best fun I had in this game was exploring the world with my friends when we first started.
That's the most reasonable post i've seen in a long time, and i agree.

If you STILL think skilling / leveling up is too hard, then this game just isnt for you. Go play CoD or some other game.