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    Quote Originally Posted by Signus View Post
    1. Letting the corps that were directly responsible for sinking themselves stay alive by giving them billions in bail outs, AFTER the populace voted against it, and having the CEOs of those companies use that money to give themselves bonuses... yeah it was a fantastic move.

    2. The current recession is a direct result of the collapse of the housing market, and loans in general. A bill was passed that allowed banks to loan out more money than could reasonably be paid back. When surprise, it didn't get payed back, the whole thing shit the bed.
    Know who was responsible for that Bill? Congress. Both parties in Congress. Though it was Democratic majority at the time.

    3. So, haha yeah. And I'm sure spending more money than any president in history within MONTHS of getting into office had NoooooOOOothing to do with things.
    1. We should have gave them an ultimatum, new government approved CEOs along with extremely heavy regulations, or no bail outs. But I doubt the republicans would have let Obama do that.

    2. You realize you can be republican and label yourself Democrat right? Republicans are the masters of propaganda and lies, thats why theyre main supporters are from the bible belt and we can go on forever about the propaganda religion spews out.

    3. FDR called it "Priming the Pump". Also paying for wars that your predecessor purposely did not.

    edit: Im only 18 btw So haha yeah, your arguing with someone you probably would have ignored in the first place lol.
    PS. plz continue though
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