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    Quote Originally Posted by ChopSuey View Post
    Guys im on the final stage before ordering my new PC.Now i have decided and made a research for the parts to put into the rig
    Last thing is PSU.In my previous comp i used to had a 600W Thermaltake Toughpower PSU to support my Q6600,2GB RAM,Q67 Mobo,GeForce 8600GTS GPU and it was fine

    But now with a i5 2500K,4GB 1600Mhz RAM,Z68 Mobo and GTX 550 Ti GPU,which watt rate is best for that?

    Any help would be appreciated
    Just go to the manufacturers' homepages and look up their maximum power consumption, add and a percentage (maybe 50%) to figure out what you should get. Remember that cooling and overclocking use power as well. Your new PC sounds so weak though that even the used 600W PSU allows for some small upgrades, f ex RAM, HDDs and CPU.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bainwalker View Post
    I'm a man always thinking of the future... so I got a 1300 watt PSU and now don't need to worry about anything I might want to put into my beast later on. Always think of the future. Don't bottleneck your upgrade potential.
    You can often change the PSU fairly easily without taking out anything first. What you want to avoid with the PSU is use too close to its potential as it might crash your computer from time to time and get worse over time as it degrades.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abaratican View Post
    My PSU is 7 years old.
    My previous PSU is still good as well. Been under heavy use for YEARS.

    Maybe the cheap shit breaks down.

    My 1300 PSU comes with a 6 year warranty. I'll prob be on my next one by then due to hardware changes or w/e that it doesn't support.

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