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    Quote Originally Posted by Gloomrender View Post
    You need me to define a word for you now? If you're going to claim that free will can't be defined, then you can't also claim that it has to exist. This is just a lame way to avoid the rest of the science in my post and try to argue on purely non-evidential terms. Sorry, were going to argue based on reality, or were not going to argue at all. You're not going to play ignoramus games with me. Be ignorant and ignore evidence in your own little bubble...that's a concession of the argument on It's own.

    Can't be a scientific illiterate thread without someone doing the old "It's juzt a theory!" routine...
    QQ more. I was too bored to rip apart the rest of your diarrhea, so i picked the most stupid of it, and voila, you failed to answer on one of your main points.
    See, this is not about what I claim free will to be, but about your bold claim, being able to explain it.

    Your pseudo intellectualism just showed pretty much. It's quite a trait i recognized with you, making bold claims about what "we" already know, using "we" as suggesting that you are part of the effort, yet you know little about science, with some petty attempts to consider others below your oh so high intellect.

    When however questioned, you run away QQing like a falcon punched housewife.

    I suggest the next time you take a cup of...

    ...before you make more of a fool of yourself.
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