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    more complaining players that are afraid to go on strike...
    Quote from Tasos:
    -Expansion / Relaunch doesn't mean a server wipe but it may give fresh options to new and existing players
    -I'll repeat that we're not going to wipe the servers in case that's still unclear
    "(GM XXXXXX) : I am sorry if I am no help for you. Anything else I can assist you with?

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    Do I look subbed to you?

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    Pre-surges still existing at this point in time is just a another factor in the many layers of proof that AV has neither the mental capacity, programming ability, nor simple level of care required to run this game, or any other, especially an MMO.

    They simply either do not give a shit, or are so completely devoid of understanding of their own game to be able to comprehend why surges are bad, and why super instant always surges anihilate any gameplay left at this point.

    This is what has happened at every single stage of this games life. Mismanagement, misunderstanding, miscommunication.

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