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    The fun thing with atheist is that they do not want to believe that there is not something they can not comprehend with their current senses. It is like some Christians not wanting to accept the idea that there might not be a dude with a beard up in the clouds. If you think I'm wrong well then you aren't an atheist.
    No true scotsman? Come on... It's not that we refuse to believe, it's that there is no point in believing something that can never be proven.

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    I'm somewhat skeptical of all "perceiving reality as it really is"-stuff, because there's always some kind of interpretation going on in my opinion. Good viewpoints anyways. When you're converting signals and ideas to - for example - English language, compression can be incredibly lossy. Language is a tool humans use for communication, thinking and some related cognitive tasks. If the used tool is primitive, not in good condition, or maybe more suited to some other tasks, the result might be not so good. I see no reason to believe that any contemporary language would be perfect for many purposes. English is perfect for some tasks like trolling message boards, but it's really clumsy for some others like describing reality.

    This is also why political correctness is so destructive. It's even further dulling the only tool most people have for cognitive thinking.

    woaa... I wonder whether that makes sense or not

    bonus youtube link: good music

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