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    Default NA act page down?

    Was going to resubscribe because df always pulls me back in when im bored, but the isnt loading for me the eu works but not the na...

    guess they dont want me hehehe

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    Yeah it's down for me too. Occasionally been happening lately, give it a couple of hours.

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    yeah after about 3 or 4 hours it came back up...

    Now I resubbed but looks like my char has been removed from the database sigh... its only been couple of months. Hopefully I can get it back if not I guess I will have to cancel my sub.

    prob take support a week to look into it to see if it can get restored.

    haha and now the support page is down.. think I should of taken this as a hint to not resub....
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    Yeah support page is down for me, trying to xfer my alt to EU and it keeps saying "invalid username or password" on the transfer button, it's the right info as I'm logged into it on the EU site. If I try to make a new account to transfer it to, it says it can't create it...Can't even contact support to see what's up either. Fix it AV ffs, I just paid for a transfer and subbed and EU account for nothing.

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