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    Quote Originally Posted by paxprobellum View Post
    Everyone that is all "you'll never catch up, skill points skill points, blah blah blah" hasn't played EvE. Skill training in EvE is horizontal, not vertical.
    Rather, it's horizontal after a couple months. Even as a fan of the game I freely admit that the first few months of the game are not worked out very well. I'd say it's one of the worst aspects in fact.
    Quote Originally Posted by paade View Post
    Eve really takes a shitload of your free time if you want to get something out of it, more that any other game ive played. Thats the main reason i quit.
    Also this. Even when you have ships and skills, which themselves can consume a fair bit of time, the actual fun stuff takes a long time. Fleet warfare is a lot of fun overall but if you don't have a few hours to set aside to it you probably won't even see a fight.
    Quote Originally Posted by Suncross View Post
    Horizontal? It's very verticle. It's the most verticle game on the market because of the time it takes. I have had an account since like 2006 with eve, subbing in to train every now and again. I still don't have a pvp viable character.
    Then you're doing it wrong. You can essentially max out your proficiency in most niches in 6 months, can become sanely proficient in most niches in 1 month. (In the former case and sometimes the latter case you have to already be sanely proficient in the core skills, which takes a few months too.) This isn't true of shit like cap ships but you don't need those to be involved in pvp.

    It is pretty vertical in the first few months, though, which is a definite problem. I'd also say that "6 months per niche" like I mentioned above is excessive, but it wouldn't cause you to not be pvp viable after six years, or even two years.
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    [Alfar]'s like a Stephen Hawking rookie card.
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    What if our imagination is a figment of the forums?
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    Gay people like to hibernate in caves.

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    On the 10th anniversary of the game they should make a completely new server, so that new players have a chance to join. Many people will never join unless this happens.

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    u can earn tons of isk with somewhat new chars in WH space. use isk to buy new char.

    seeing youve just got in your first cruiser its gonna be a while till your viable for that, until then just find something you enjoy doing ingame. you can easily catch the eveburn if u sit doing nothing.

    i know bewharer der welten (BdW) from EU have theire german eve branch, other then that I havent heard of any.

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    Spreadsheet in Space.

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