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Thieving is stupid and not suitable for a competetive PvP game like Darkfall.

If you want something, you gotta kill the dude to get it. That's how it works.

Adding some stealth-pickpocket ability would ruin everything.
It would be fun to steal a mages reagents while he is hanging around waiting for a siege to start.

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Fixing the alignment so a player can attack and kill a thief without becoming evil
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where would you pick pocket though? No one is in NPC cities. If you show up to a player city the towers and system messages alert everyone so it's not like you can be very sneaky there. Out in the wild people are usually moving around and would likely notice you since the "darkness" is not very dark anyway.

just wondering where you see opportunities to use a feature like this?
Yeah, Darkfall has many problems, I guess Thievery is the least of them.

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Wow MO looked great in beta, guess they decided to fix it! Hahaha