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    On what grounds would he be charged with murder of any degree? The man acted in self defense and there's evidence that supports it, along with two witness testimonies.
    Aside from Zim's testimony, only his minor (and i stress minor) injuries are evidence at all, and his story has holes in it. Still, 2nd degree won't stick unless the jury is off their rocker, i think its a huge mistake from the DA's perspective to aim that high. Just shows that he/she is being pressured by the public and whatnot to throw the book at him when there simply is not enough evidence to prove it. The prosecution is gonna play the race card really heavy. I still wanna know how the kid "slammed his head into the concrete" without injurying him severely, and how it happened when we know the altercation occurred on the grass.

    Edit: why is everyone still ignoring Zimmerman's father and his connections to the justice system? Is there any doubt as to the reasons why he was not arrested or had his weapon confiscated in the first place?
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