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    Default Say hello to the new SOPA

    Say hello to the new SOPA (now called CISPA)

    Didnt take long at all for them to try to ram another 'rape your rights in the name of security' down our throats.

    "Cybersecurity" is the new "terrorist" for the internet. In order to have "cybersecurity" we must allow the govt to spy on what we do and allow them to censor the internet.

    Its no ones fault but our own that we've let our legislative process come to this because we sit around apathetic when the govt tries to sodomize us. So now when we fight back a little bit (with SOPA) they just chuckle and wait a month or two and go back at it again. Apparently they know whats best for us and they cannot be denied (and by whats best for us I mean whats in their best interest, not the country's).

    I would say welcome to china but I think if we let our leaders had their way all the time, china would look like a utopia for liberties.
    -Kael Trighton-

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    This wont end until something is voted in so we have a very long line of this crap ahead of us(hopefully).
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