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I accept my asshole friends for who they are.
This. Personally I like asshole friends. They are genetically hardwired to do the hard work for me. By that I mean dig deep and bring forth any of my personal imperfections I may still posses. This gives me a chance to work on the said imperfections and become a better person. That is if what they are spouting is true. If it's false, well I don't mind, it usually is entertaining =).

Also, asshole friends don't have a lot of their own friends so they tend to be a lot more loyal to the ones that still linger. I like loyal, trustworthy friends.

Bottom line, I believe this is about maturity. The more mature you are the more you know to take people in strides and learn to appreciate them for their good parts. No one needs to closely befriend a lot of immature characters just for the sake of numbers. You can't rely on people who haven't discovered who they are.